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How to Update your Home — Without Spending Thousands

It doesn’t take a massive remodel, or a big budget, to make your house feel a little more like home to you. Inside or out, small improvements can make a significant difference - and whether you’re handy or not, you can...

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The insurance lady gets an assortment of monogrammed items for the beach.

Thanks to Progressive I am ready for a trip to beach. - Care package complete with travel bag, coolers, tumbler, and a personal fan in case there isn't much of a breeze from the ocean. - The P is for Progressive........

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I Just Bought a New Car. What Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Congratulations! After weeks of research, comparing makes and models, and taking test drives you finally bought that brand-new car you wanted. But before you take that well-deserved road trip, check one more item off...

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Which part of this video reminds you of Tim? Please take the poll

Yuck!! My drain backed up into my basement


Go buy your dream car! It's okay! - One of our customers just picked this beauty up on Friday. - We have collector car insurance to cover your new weekend toy. - Classic cars, limited edition, high value, antiques,...

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Room with a view

Everyone is getting use to their home offices since the stay-at-home orders were issued for Missouri and Illinois since March 17th 2020.Now we have many 'branches' of Clayton Hanley including Webster, Mehlville, The...

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Where are we?

Clayton Hanley's focus is on service to our customers like they are our friends and family. We will offer our honest opinion, help you to understand your policy and coverage, and provide the best rates possible tailored...

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Oh the irony of this video during the COVID-19 pandemic!!!

Safeco Premier

We now offer Safeco Premier™. - Tailor-made just for you and your lifestyle. - - ASK US MORE!!! -

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