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Bundling Home & Auto Insurance

Home and Auto Insurance

Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance for Big Savings

If you have both home and auto insurance policies, you can save money by “bundling” them. That means getting them both from the same insurance company, like Clayton Hanley Insurance, independent agents proudly serving St. Louis, Missouri.

This is also commonly known as a “multipolicy discount” or “multiple line discount.” You can usually save up to 20% off policies by purchasing your home and auto insurance this way.

Bundling Insurance Is Beneficial for You and Your Insurance Agency

Single loss deductible in the event of a claim. If your car, motorcycle, boat or RV are insured with the same company as your homeowners and damaged in the same event as your home, you may only have to pay one deductible.>span class="Apple-converted-space">  For example, if a tree falls and damages both your garage and your car, the auto deductible may be waived after your home deductible is paid.

Clients find it’s easier for them to have all their insurance with one agency too because it makes paying premiums, filing claims, and getting formation easier. If you move or add coverage, such as umbrella insurance, it’s much simpler to make sure updates are completed. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

You Can Often Bundle Other Types of Insurance Too

While bundling home and auto insurance is the most popular combination we see, you may be able to bundle other types of insurance as well. Depending on your policies, you may be able to combine coverage for your:

  • Motorcycle
  • RV
  • ATV
  • Boat

Whenever you purchase a new policy with us, just ask if there are bundling discounts available. In general, buying a new policy or renewing an existing one is the perfect time to ask about bundling.

To see if bundling your home and auto insurance policies would save you money, give us a call at Clayton Hanley Insurance 314-487-2921 or message us online. We always try to find our clients the most budget-friendly options for the coverage they need when buying any type of insurance.