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Customer Review

Another happy customer. Daniel S. was happy with service from Safeco and Clayton Hanley on his recent auto claim.

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5 Star Review


What's new with us?

Hmmm....let's see... what is happening at Clayton Hanley Insurance? - 5 STAR REVIEWS!!! That's what's happening!! - 74 total reviews - check them out for yourself on the link below - Client Testimonials - - - -

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Clayton Hanley is how old?

Snidbit of an email from a customer that made us smile :) 'I have been with Clayton Hanley since I started driving in high school, that’s fifty five years.' -

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Let's play seek and find

- Have you ever Googled Clayton Hanley? - What is the average stars we have on our Google reviews? - What part of St. Louis are we located? - Click on the search link below to find out the answers https://www.google....

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