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Umbrella Insurance

from Clayton Hanley Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Extra Liability Coverage for When You Need It Most

There are many different types of unfortunate events that could leave you liable in a court of law. For example, someone could slip and fall in your home, resulting in injuries and large medical bills. Or your dog could bite a delivery person, causing the same sort of damage.

While your homeowner policy provides a certain amount of coverage for liability, it is capped. Many legal judgments these days exceed typical home insurance liability coverage. You can make up the difference with a personal umbrella policy.

Umbrella insurance kicks in where your homeowner insurance policy leaves off. Instead of having to rely on your assets, like your home, retirement savings, or business, your umbrella policy covers damages, typically up to a million dollars or even more, depending on your net worth. If you’ve ever known anyone who lost everything because of a devastating liability lawsuit, you understand how helpful this extra coverage can be.

Broad Coverage for Peace of Mind

A personal umbrella policy is considered broad coverage. This means you and your family members are protected throughout the entire world. Legal defense fees are included in the coverage.

Most people purchase umbrella insurance along with their homeowner insurance. However, if you don’t have a homeowner policy, we can add it to your auto, boat, motorcycle, or RV policy. That way it’s available to condo owners and renters, as well as to conventional homeowners.

At Clayton Hanley Insurance we’re independent insurance agents serving the St. Louis area. Our clients in Missouri appreciate the peace of mind they get from having the extra protection of umbrella insurance.

You don’t want to wait until a catastrophe places you at financial risk to realize you could have had more liability protection. Call us at 314-487-2921 or reach out online for a quote today.