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Customer Testimonials

Real Customers – Real Testimonials

“I have been using Clayton-Hanley for over 30 years now, and have been consistently impressed with their service and professionalism. I have carried/carry auto, antique vehicle, home, flood and boat insurance through Clayton-Hanley. They consistently monitor my insurance carriers and my personal needs to ensure I am getting the right amount of insurance at the best possible rates. I have recommended them to numerous friends. I always feel confident that they have my best interests in mind. My only regret in this review is that I am limited to only award 5 stars!”

C Hill

“They were extremely fast and knowledgeable with answers to questions about filing claims with both my auto and home insurance policies. Would definitely recommend!”


“I have been using the services of Clayton-Hanley Insurance for many, many years. I previously worked primarily with Tim Mossinghoff and he was fantastic and great to work with. More recently, I have worked with Peggy Manes and she has been equally great to work with. Both Tim and Peggy go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. Insurance isn’t always someone’s favorite topic, but Tim and Peggy have made any conversations pleasant and friendly. Thank you for all you do.”


“As a mortgage loan officer I really value someone who is very responsive and that is Maura Weber. She is amazing. As soon as I send her a client or family member she reaches out right away. I have been sending my business to her for over 3 years now and every client raves about her and I will continue to have my clients use her. #Dreamteam”

Sara B

“I made my switch to Clayton Hanley from my previous insurance provider and I have not looked back. I worked with Nicki Cox. She was knowledgeable, detail oriented and provided charts and spreadsheets to ensure I understood the information. She also gave great suggestions to ensure I was adequately covered. Thanks to her, I trust that I am stress free when it comes to insurance, and I’ve also saved hundreds of dollars a month. THANK YOU Nicki, and Clayton Hanley for your incomparable service!”

Priya S

“Peggy was absolutely awesome! She exceeded my expectations! I’ve never had a better agent!”


“Tim researched insurance companies to find me the best value. Peggy was very helpful in helping me transition insurance coverage when I moved to a new home. Kristal was diligent in helping me with re-crediting an overpayment. They always answer the phone in person — no call center requiring multiple prompts.”

Judy F

“Peggy is great. She will hunt and hunt some more to get you the best rates she can. She is easy to contact and if she doesn’t get to answer your call she will call back ASAP

John H

“We have been with Tim for 20 yrs and we cannot be happier with this company. No matter why I call whoever answers the phone has been GREAT!!!!! They cover everything we own, and if I feel the price has gotten raised to much they research a better price for me and for the most part it has always helped. You cannot go wrong with Clayton Hanley Insurance.”

M Shirley

“I have been working with Clayton Hanley for my insurance needs for the past 5 years. They are always pleasant, helpful and sincere. Always feels like the genuinely care and work to help me make good decisions on my insurance needs. Thanks!”

Mark S

“Almost 30 years with Clayton-Hanley that says it all. Excellent customer service, advice and rates that can’t be beat by competitors. New customer- our daughter”

Susan K

“We have used this agent for years and enjoy working with them. Always ready to assist and answer our questions”

Johnetta D

“Clayton-Hanley Insurances is amazing. We have been working with Peggie for all our needs for years! She is always quick to respond, give advice and help us find the best rate! They give us a peace of mind.”

Rachel R.

“Having held insurance policies on a wide variety of vehicles and personal property since ~ 1967 I have dealt with a fair number of different companies, and their staff while establishing and updating my insurance needs. For the past six years or so I have had these needs met by Clayton Hanley Insurance, and, whether on site in St Louis, traveling or dealing by phone and/or email, my questions, requests and other necessary communications have all been addressed in a very timely, pleasant and efficient manner. In short, I couldn’t be happier with their services!”

Glen H

“I have been with Clayton Hanley for over 53 years. They have helped me out in so many ways, I can’t even list them. Peggy Manes is my goto person and has been extremely helpful again in so many ways. I feel very lucky to be associated with such a great company. YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG if you are with Clayton Hanley Insurance Company. Peggy is always there to help you as many of her co-workers are. PATH

Pat H

“Peggy has been assisting me for years with finding the best possible insurance coverage in a variety of areas. Clayton-Hanley always provides a service that is accurate, fast, and personal. They’ve just helped my wife and I to find a great policy on our first home at the best possible price – it was a huge relief to be able to count on someone for the research and planning as we dealt with other to-do lists for our move. I’d definitely recommend Clayton-Hanley!”

Don S

“Peggy and the fine folks at Clayton Hanley have seen me through many years and several cities. They’ve never failed to out-perform every competitor at every level for all of my needs. In more than twenty years I’ve never found a group more dedicated to outstanding personal service. I wouldn’t dream of taking my business elsewhere. Peggy and Maura were a tremendous help during our recent new home build. Peggy, you’re a doll!”

Lyvonne S

“A few years back we compared (ourselves) several insurance agencies and decided to switch our auto and home insurance. We contacted the insurance agency directly and we were assigned a local agent.

In those three years we had a few times we needed help on things, and he was NO HELP. He was slow to respond to our email or he did not respond at all.
This summer I reached out to the insurance company to ask how we could get a new agent. We found out we could indeed get a new agent and just have our policies transferred over to the new agency.

I read some reviews and found Clayton Hanley. On the first day of inquiring about how we could switch, Peggy did MORE WORK for us in 24 hours than the other agent had done in 3 years.
I did nothing to transfer AND she first price compared to be sure our current insurance company was the best insurance for us. (She sells other insurance of course).

After determining it was the most economical she did all the work to transfer the policies and even saved us a few hundred dollars on each just finding a few other discounts.
Two months later we added our 16 year old son, and while the price of course went up she saved us a bit more.

We were up for renewal at the beginning of the year and instead of just letting it renew (as our previous agent did each January) Peggy took it upon herself to ask the insurance company to “review the policy”. Apparently everyone has this option at time of renewal (it is in all the paperwork we don’t read) and it allows you to ask the insurance company to review your insurance score etc. and while your premium can go up it can also go down. No one had ever done this for us before and Peggy did it without us even asking.

Well with the review we saved 25% of our annual premium on auto and 30% on house!!!! It saves us $132 a month!!!
That is crazy! We never would have known to do this or even if we had we would not have known enough about our insurance score to understand it might benefit us!

ALL that said ….. if you are in need of a new agent or just want someone to work hard to save you money – this is the agency!”

Sharon S

“I have been with AAA for 9 years. They’ve always been fine, but after some problems with them recently, I decided to look around at other options. I reached out to Nicki Cox with Clayton Hanley and not only was she able to get a (much) better rate, but she was a pleasure to work with! I could not recommend her more!”

Stella O