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Matching of Undamaged Siding, Roof Surfacing and Windows

Coverage details

Matching of undamaged siding, roof surfacing and windows coverage covers undamaged building materials in cases of:

  • Fading, weathering, oxidizing color
  • Texture of dimensional differences
  • Obsolescence or unavailability of materials

Provides coverage for the replacement of undamaged roofing, siding and windows to match adjacent materials that were replaced as the result of a claim. For example, when the siding of a home is damaged by hail and the original vinyl siding is no longer sold or available, or the original vinyl siding is mismatched due to weathering. 

Coverage does not guarantee an exact match, but a reasonably uniform appearance in quality, color and size. The mismatch must be a result of a covered peril. Normal wear and tear is specifically excluded from this coverage.

How matching interacts with roof payment schedule

In your policy, if roof surface loss caused by wind or hail is settled based on a roof payment schedule, the coverage for matching will be settled based on the roof payment schedule, up to the limit on your policy declaration payment.