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Water claims are the worst!

$35,000 claim- leaking dishwasher

$40,000 claim- upstairs bathroom toilet

$80,000 claim -2nd story faucet leak

Water sensors & leak detectors are ideal for homeowners. Smart home devices that offers whole home protection at all hours of the day, whether you're home, at work or on vacation. The cost is minimal compared to the potential costs of a claim.

Average cost to repair water leak in wall: $1.40 per square foot of drywall
Average cost to refinish hardwood floor: $10.45 per square foot
Average carpet replacement cost: $4.705.50 per square foot.
Per hour carpentry services: $70/hour
Average cost of mold remediation per square foot: $4.70-5.50

Stream Labs teamed up with Safeco to offer discounts on devices. Clayton Hanley customers may use the Safeco discount code SAFECO20 to receive 20% off your purchase. Or search Smart Water Sensors online to find other options, reviews and more information.