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Driving app for auto insurance discounts

Wondering if telematics could help your auto insurance rates?  

Usage-based auto insurance is becoming a popular concept in many households-telematics programs that drivers within a household can try to save on their car insurance premiums. 

Many insurance companies offer options for drivers to customize their insurance rates based on their driving habits. Most offer an initial auto insurance premium savings just for signing up, additional discounts may apply.  

Whether you are a new customer, adding a recently licensed driver, driving less annual miles, are now working from home, or just feel that you would benefit from participating. You may be an excellent candidate from a user-based insurance program offered by your auto insurance provider. 

Are you nervous about trying user-based insurance (UBI)? Or concerned about downloading an insurance app on your smart phone? 

 One of our customers had her concerns.  Julie is now more than happy she participated. Only 12 days into the program and Julie‚Äôs projected yearly savings have almost doubled!  

Your insurance provider will have different options on the length necessary to participate in their telematics program, driving habits captured to determine your personalized discount. Of course, it is important you check your insurance company for more information. Gather details on the information being obtained and how your particular company utilizes the information acquired. during your participation period and how the collected information could affect current policy or premiums.