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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

User Based Insurance

33 days left on our driving apps and each one of us is going to save $$$ on our auto insurance.

57 days of driving so far and this is how we stand.

Peggy - $110 savings driven 2226 miles w/21 mile commute

Kristal - $106 savings driven 426 miles w/ home office

Nicki - $80 savings driven 1590 miles w/3 miles commute 

Tim - $65 savings driven 2019 miles with 8 mile commute 

Tony - $60 savings driven 1138 miles w/home office

As you can see, doesn't matter your situation the User Based Insurance apps can help ease your insurance premiums. All of our companies offer a driving app to help you save money$$$$$. Text or email or call our office for more info if interested. 

Hint - this REALLY helps with teen drivers 

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