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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Talk about hitting the ground running!

Talk about hit the ground running!!! After a beautiful week in Boulder Colorado doing the leap of a lifetime in the Colorado mountains, Peggy Manes has come back and is writing new customers like crazy. The interesting...

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Who doesn't like a contest? - Back to school time! How many crayons do you see? Head to our Facebook page 'like' our page, share our contest post and comment with your guess for a free gift card to a St. Louis...

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What's happening?

News brief. Discounts on car insuranceImportant birthday announcements ANDone weird fact about the Clayton Hanley agents

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Five Tips to (Finally) Get your Garage Organized

There’s perhaps no organizing task more daunting than the garage-it’s often the dumping ground for the stuff that has no other place in the house, or the things you don’t use but just can’t bring yourself to toss. How...

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