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St Louis Blues

If you are from St Louis, or know someone from St. Louis you are aware that we are a very strong sports loving town.  When the Cardinals or the Blues (used to be the Rams too) have a game we can fill a stadium on a weeknight.  If a fan doesn't have a ticket they are wearing a shirt or a color to show their support for a hopeful win. 

Not that you want to hear all this, or don't already know it.  Clayton Hanley is a pretty big Blues supporter.  If I had to guess Producer Tony Palazzolo probably cried somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd period or for the duration of the game. 

Anyway, back to my point.  I couldn't let a Stanley Cup WIN for the St Louis fan goes unnoticed by The Insurance Lady.  This is my favorite meme, along with a couple of pics from the office, the agents, couple of customers and even a company rep thrown in there.  

Thank you for letting us gloat. 


Love Clayton Hanley - St Louis Insurance Agency serving Blues Fans everywhere