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Do Not Disturb

Distracted Driving is increasing, Help stop the madness!

Peggy 'The Insurance Lady' took the plunge & set up her phone to stop all notifications while driving.

I noticed this week the number of car accidents with happening, especially with kids 22 & under.  Just this week I had four phone calls about totaled cars.  No one after an accident pops out of the car and says 'Sorry, I was texting my friend' or 'I was just looking for a podcast as mine had just ended'.  Not saying that was the reason behind any of the accidents that we called into our office.  It is getting scary with accidents, totaled cars, lawsuits, etc. 

But together we can combat Distracted Driving one person at a time.  I started, you are next.  It is as easy as fixing the settings on your phone. 

 How to Enable Do Not Disturb feature on your phone

Each day nine, yes 9, people are killed by distracted driving, leaving their stories unfinished.  Travelers is honoring Shreya & Phil by bringing their Unfinished Story to life through imagining what could have been.

Important that you watch this moving video to understand the impact on the families injured because you needed to read a text, or grab something off the floor board, or look for another song on your phone.