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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance


Pontoon Replacement Coverage – If a pontoon is punctured, creased, holed or dented, it will be replaced with a new pontoon. • Waiver of Depreciation – On protective covers, cushions, carpeting and upholstery. • Coverage...

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After a little hiccup with our agency's texting capabilities - we are back in action.We can only see them while at the office M-F 8:30 -4:30. We can receive send and receive photos, ID cards, messages etc. Woo Hoo - on...

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Easter Winner

Happy Easter Monday AND Happy Earth Day Recovering from the ham, mac & cheese, candy hangover? Ready to go outside and start your composting bin for 2019? Lent is now over - you can go back to eating sweets, fast...

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Windshield - Repair or Replace

Rock hits your windshield - what do you do next. You call your insurance company and ask them what to do, who can fix it etc. Here is a little guide to help. Is the windshield damage less than six inches long (about the...

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Opening Day for the St. Louis Cardinals

Fun Friday here at the officeAdams Smokehouse BBQ, Bud Light, Cracker Jacks, peanuts, popcorn and CHI family. Awesome Friday at the office

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and cleaning and organization around the house are very popular this time of year. If you’re ready to tackle the monumental spring cleaning chore, read on for some helpful...

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Easter Season

The Insurance Lady is back! And she has a contest going right now to celebrate Easter. Keep reading. Where was I, you ask? Cuba! Yes, Cuba and the Bahamas. It was wonderful. What an incredible experience, was literally...

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