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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Itemized (schedule) or Group (unscheduled)?

Well hello to all my fans (Maura)

Holidays are over and our phones started ringing again.  Everyone is getting back to work and taking care of business.  Take personal stock of high priced items you would really miss if stolen, lost or rolled down a sewer.  Weird example I realize.   Kidding aside would your home insurance help you?  Probably not.  You really need to call your insurance agent and get a quote to add your fancy 'stuff' to your home policy to make sure it is insured properly and doesn't carry a huge deductible like your roof.  $8 - $15 per $100 in coverage is a guestimate. 

Paintings, rugs, tapestries, wall hangings, statues, sculptures, ceramics, porcelain, china, glass, crystal objects, furniture of a collectible nature.

Cell phones, smart phones, Blackberry's and hearing aids.

Rings, watches, necklaces, wedding rings, earrings, loose stones, Apple Watch

Cameras, guns, antique guns, sporting equipment such as kayaks, golf clubs, bicycles, stamp & coin collections, comic books, trading cards

Guitars, fur coats, pianos, flat screen tv, sports memorabilia, medical equipment (prosthetics, wheel chairs, scooters, CPAP machines), cigars, wine

Computers, laptops, gaming systems, iPads

Silver or gold flatware, or pewter ware


GROUPED COVERAGE For those who want added protection without having to itemize specific items. • Broad protection – Get blanket coverage for a variety of risks without having to itemize each of the items you want to protect • No proof of ownership or appraisals – You can easily add or remove items from your policy without proof of ownership or appraisals • High limit, low deductible – High coverage limits are available, subject to a maximum per item limit of $5,000 ($10,000 for Safeco Premier™ policyholders), and a low deductible of $500 applies per loss

ITEMIZED COVERAGE For those who want the ultimate protection for their most prized possessions. • Enhanced protection – This option allows you to get specific coverage based on the individual value of each of the items listed on your policy • Agreed value and no deductible – With no deductible and an agreed-upon value basis for each fine art and jewelry item, making and settling a claim is straightforward and simple • Protection for various items – Many different types of items can be covered on your policy, including stamp and coin collections, musical instruments, hearing aids, cell phones, and more