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Insure your Pedigree dog!

Guess what I just found out Clayton Hanley can do....Insure Pedigree dogs!  Yes. I was shocked. 

Rate is only $8 per $100 of coverage.  $2,000 dog = $160 a year to insure.  Who knew?!

(full disclosure-Peggy's granddogs - Marshall & Watson-  Not insured in our office, I just think they are really cute and fluffy)

Dogs must be privately owned by an individual and bona fide pedigree. This insurance provides coverage on a named peril basis, including fire, extended coverage perils, collision or overturn of the vehicle in which a dog is being transported, collision with an automobile, wild animal attack, and theft. Exclusions apply.

We can also insure cameras, jewelry, bikes, wedding presents, weddings, furs, silverware, sports collections - oh cars and houses too.

Thanks for reading!

Signed The Insurance Lady


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