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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Happy New Year!!!

2019 and time for a 1000 changes and resolutions.  #1 Being - In 2019 I will save money and try to cut back on my bills.  Call us, we can help, but only on insurance.  Don't ask me how to save on your groceries, or how to make your kids pay their own cell phone bills, cause I don't have that under control myself.  But car insurance I have a little power, or can at least try.

How about a phone app or car plug-in to monitor your driving habits and save up to 30% off your car insurance?  Yes, I swear!!!  minimum 5% discount just to try it, then if you don't break hard, accelerate hard, or drive late hours (2 a.m. for example) you are bound to save.. email main [at] claytonhanley [dot] com to ask to sign up.

Or register your small company with Safeco for a Workplace Discount?  500 employees or more in your company?  We can send you a form to complete or have your employer complete.  Every employee with your company gets a discount for having Safeco auto insurance.  Its a great program and we have about 20 companies signed up just in our office.  You have Safeco?  Ask your coworkers if they do and everyone gets the Safeco Workplace Discount. 

Enough shop talk - we all had such wonderful new years celebration.  Peggy was in Nashville for John Prine concert, Tim spent an evening at the in-laws/prior owners Jim & Ginny Allen and all their friends, Maura was at home with the family, and Kristal hosts a small celebration with friends.  Wanna see pics?  Here is one - the rest well you can stalk us on Facebook or Instagram.  

My personal  resolution is to actually pay attention and act on the alarms I have set on my phone and Fitbit.

Happy New Year everyone!  - love 'The Insurance Lady'